Ancienne Prison de L’Orignal Paranormal Activity Reported !!


Ancienne Prison de L’Orignal the oldest jail in Ontario and the second oldest jail in Canada. Plenty of paranormal occurrences happening at this old prison, Phantoms of Yore is digging into the history and paranormal accounts. Investigations and Paranormal Interactive Events may be coming your way this summer, keep following for details!

Will we have the courage to enter Devils Door at the witching hour?


Devil Doors Road in Yonge Mills, Ontario is shrouded in folklore and mystery. Little is known at this time of the truth behind the stories of Devils Door Rd. Phantoms of Yore is reaching out to the local communities to uncover mysteries of this over a century old folklore which caution continues to be practiced when locals venture on Devils Door Road today. We will be walking this road at night with no light to find the Devils Door a crevasse said to be in the rocks in a field near the south entrance before the woods. Will we have the courage to enter Devils Door at the witching hour? Keep following us for updates.

Death Row Solo Experiment: HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

Death Row Experiment: HI Ottawa Jail Hostel staff May joined Phantoms of Yore in a paranormal experiment where she was alone for over 30 min, in the dark on Death Row. She was courageous and fearless in the face of the HI Ottawa Jail Hostel phantoms.


Phantoms of Yore second staff experiment on Death Row at HI Ottawa Jail Hostel.

Phantoms of Yore second staff experiment on Death Row at HI Ottawa Jail Hostel. Hoping we pick up some good EVPs from this experiment, our findings at the HI Ottawa Jail Hostel have been beyond amazing. Special thanks to Tierah for her brave participation. Keep following our page for reveal dates. Viewer discretion be advised!


Bytown Paranormal Returns To The Symmes

Bytown Paranormal will be returning this month to investigate the Symmes Museum in Aylmer Quebec.

It was in 1831 that Charles Symmes, founder of Aylmer (then the region’s administrative centre) and nephew of Philemon Wright, built this hotel to accommodate travellers coming by steamboat from Montreal. They were required to land in Wrightstown (Hull) to avoid the Chaudiere Falls. The passengers then travelled by stagecoach along the historic Aylmer Road to Symmes Inn before embarking on a steamboat to continue upriver.

Situated on the banks of Lac Deschênes and the Ottawa River, Symmes Inn is the centerpiece of Aylmer’s heritage, cultural and tourist district, which is the most significant and best preserved area of Gatineau’s historic buildings.

A symbol of pride for the people of the region, Symmes Inn was classified as an historic monument in 1975 and designated as a national historic site of Canada in 1976. After having served many a purpose throughout the years, the building was restored in 1978. In 2002, the City of Gatineau proclaimed the building a “heritage gem” par excellence. Since 2003, the inn has housed the Symmes Inn Museum.   *Thanks to Joe Houston