TIW Experience: Ghost Hunting with Bytown Paranormal


Who doesn’t love a good ghost story around the campfire? It’s a summer camp tradition to share your most frightening story that”happened to a friend of a friend…” We wanted to bring this back to camp so we called up some people who would have some really great ghost stories, Bytown Paranormal. And if just talking about ghosts isn’t enough for some campers, Bytown are taking a select group out to do a professional paranormal Investigation at camp. Bring your camera, an open mind and an extra set of undies, we’re going on a ghost hunt!



Who are you?

Cindy Elford, Investigator, Researcher, Evidence Reviewer, Bytown Paranormal, Paranormal investigations of private residences, businesses and historical locations.


Where did Bytown Paranormal start?

We’re located in Ottawa but have travelled as far east as Montreal and west as Toronto. The team was established in 2010, we have 11 team members.  We are a non-profit organization and the most active paranormal team in the area.  We have been the subject of many local newspaper articles and have been approached numerous times to participate in various TV productions.

What type of charity work is Bytown Paranormal involved in?


We are proud to be able to provide some local organizations with fund raising opportunities.  This summer we will be returning to The Lost Villages Museum in Long Sault for our 4th annual public ghost hunting events.  This helps provide the museum with some much-needed funds and gives the public a peek into what it’s like to be a ghost hunter.  We also have done a few public reveals as fund raising for various organizations like the Allan MacPherson house in Nappanee.  This year we will be doing one for Highjinx which is a store in Ottawa whose proceeds go towards assisting the homeless in the area.

Read the rest of the interview with Cindy at  http://www.twoislandsweekend.com/single-post/TIW-Experience-Ghost-Hunting-with-Bytown-Paranormal  You can purchase tickets and join the camp.  We hope to see you there !!