ByTown Senior Investigator Cody MacLeod





+The popularity surge of paranormal television shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures has brought about a growing number of new paranormal groups worldwide. Ottawa is no exception. However, only a few groups stand out above the rest. The Ottawa paranormal investigator series will take a look at these groups and their members to showcase why they are the top investigators in the Ottawa area.

The first interview is with Bytown paranormal member Cody MacLeod. Cody says that his desire to investigate the paranormal came from an “interest in trying to find out if there truly is a life after death”. Enjoying ghost stories since he was a kid, his favourite story, and the place he would most love to investigate if he could, would be the Amityville House. When asked about his favourite local place to investigate, Cody replies “The hostel downtown (Old Carleton County Jail), because of its notoriety of being one of the most haunted places in Canada and for its interesting history”.

Cody says that what sets his group apart from the rest of the paranormal investigation teams is that they “do a lot of research and try to contact places that a lot of other groups have never even heard of let alone considered investigating”. This is evident with their trips to the Rideau Canal museum in Smith’s Falls and the marine museum in Kingston. He also says that since the group is made up of many different personalities, it keeps investigations interesting as there is always something to talk about during the quiet times. Their evidence is also a way the group stands out. “I’d say our Electronic Voice Phenomenon (recordings) are our best piece(s) of evidence because they capture things that we can’t hear with our own ears. We’ve done many investigations where we thought we didn’t get any evidence at all but sure enough once we listen to our recorders it usually turns out that we’ve caught quite a bit” (check out their evidence

The one thing that Cody wants all aspiring investigators to know is “patience is a virtue. It’s not like the (TV) shows. We’ve spent countless hours in the dark and have nothing at all happen, and spent another
countless hours going through evidence to still find nothing. But when we do (find something), it makes it that much more worth it”.

Check out the Bytown Paranormal website at www.bytownparanormal.cato view all their cases and evidence and follow then on Twitter at @BytownParanorml . Thank you to Cody for this interview.